The Importance Of Feedback And Leading By Example | Forbes Article

Every executive understands the importance of a mission statement, but do leaders know how to craft one that truly embodies the company culture they wish to build? On this note, a well-defined company culture is one of the most important prerequisites for executive success.

Leaders who emphasize a customer-focused culture can give their firms an incredible competitive advantage. I've found that a clear mission and cultural statement can result in higher growth rates, better staff engagement and

Improving Leadership During Periods Of Digital Transformation | Forbes Article

Throughout my career, I’ve championed the idea that smart digital transformation is the key to future-proofing your business and building a motivated team.

I’ve also found that adept leadership is crucial during all stages of the project, making sure team transformation efforts truly bridge the gap between technology and customers. The best leaders pursue this type of transformation not simply for the sake of emb

The C-Suite Guide to Healthcare Software | Article

The development of the modern medical industry and science-driven healthcare represent some of the greatest accomplishments in recent human history. In the past half-century alone, technological advancements in imaging, medicine, and patient care have increased the average lifespan worldwide by more than 15 years.

During this same 50-year period, the global healthcare industry has grown by leaps and bounds to meet the rising demand for healthcare. Current estimates put the size of the global he

Python vs PHP: Which Language is Best for Web Development? | Article

The software engineering field continues to be one of the most rapidly-growing industries in the US and in the world--and web developers are one of the most in-demand positions in the industry with excellent short- and long-term career prospects.

US Bureau of Labor research backs this up, predicting that web development job openings will grow by more than 20% over the next decade and add more than 45,000 jobs.

Early and mid-career sof

Safe Digital Transformation: Integrating Data Privacy into Digital Healthcare | Article

Cybersecurity is the responsibility of every executive. That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from research on the global state of cybersecurity.

In 2021 alone, over 22 billion consumer data records were stolen in roughly 1,862 security breaches across the globe. The average cost of each data breach was $4.24 million, with the average healthcare data breach costing the company nearly twice that amount.

Executives in the healthcare IT space are scrambling to bolster their defenses and pr

What is the Future of Java and Cloud Computing? | Article

Unlike many languages, the Java programming language has an exceptionally long life span in the software development community. Initially released in 1995, Java should be considered ancient and nearly obsolete. Yet, it remains one of the most popular programming languages in use today.

According to the TIOBE Index, Java is currently the third-most-popular programming language in the world.

Java is not only maintaining (and in some cases, growing) its user base--the language is also becoming an

What is Chaos Computing and Why Does it Matter? | Article

Chaos computing has the potential to be the most important computational development since machine learning and artificial intelligence. This computer science approach uses chaotic systems to exponentially increase the power of modern computers.

While this technology is still in its infancy, major tech companies, universities, and software development services are all vying to transform this idea into a usable product.

In addition, the ability to reconfigure circuits on the fly will reduce the

The Executive's Guide to the Patient Engagement Platform | Article

The nation’s top healthcare executives are embracing digital transformation and cutting-edge digital healthcare solutions en masse.

That’s because research is showing that a seamless digital experience is essential for patient satisfaction and hospital growth–with 72% of healthcare CEOs ranking “digitally enabled services” as one of their top three priorities for 2022.

Furthermore, research by McKinsey shows that technology-driven innovations like patient engagement platforms (PEPs), electroni

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Web Development | Article

The days of being able to run a successful business through word-of-mouth and offline sales alone are now gone. The modern business cannot succeed without a well-built, professional-looking website.

That's because a website allows companies to attract leads, show up in Google and other search engine results, proudly display their work and competence, and give clients an easy way to share the business's services with others.

Small business owners interested in building their first website shoul

Yoast Law Launches Criminal Defense Service | Press Release

Denver, Colorado - Yoast Law, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its criminal defense specialty. Managing Partner, Adam Yoast, is excited to utilize his extensive civil rights and criminal defense background to help his clients navigate the complex legal system and aggressively defend their freedom. 

Federal Civil Rights Experience

Mr. Yoast is an experienced Civil Rights Attorney, previously serving as an Associate Attorney with the criminal and civil rights division of Baumgartner Law—where he focused on federal civil rights, police brutality, and constitutional law. Mr. Yoast continues to serve as “Of Counsel” at Baumgartner Law on multiple civil rights cases.

Improve the Patient Experience by Accelerating Healthcare Digitalization | Article

Healthcare organizations can no longer rely on their institutional reputation or quality of medical care metrics if they hope to compete in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry. That’s because more patients are assessing providers based on customer service and their digital experience, with 82% of patients saying that “quality customer service is the most important factor they consider when choosing care.”

Research on healthcare software underscores this notion. A recent survey found that a

I-ology Launches Digital Healthcare Specialization | Press Release

I-ology, an award-winning digital transformation agency, is pleased to announce the launch of its digital healthcare solutions division. For nearly 25 years, I-ology has developed digital transformation strategies and web-based products for its clients.

The healthcare solutions division will focus on the evolving needs of healthcare organizations and the growing patient demand for high-quality healthcare with easy-to-navigate, secure access to medical information.

I-ology’s custom patient enga

An Introduction to DUI Laws in CO | Legal Guide

The State of Colorado is one of the most aggressive states in the United States when it comes to driving under the influence (DUI) prosecutions and penalties—although penalties for 1st convictions are relatively light compared to subsequent convictions.

This introduction to DUI laws in Colorado will walk those arrested for a DUI through all of the administrative processes, possible criminal penalties, and trial options available to defendants.

Before we investigate the criminal process in detail, let’s look at some basic definitions and types of DUI convictions in Colorado.

I-ology Digital Transformation Agency | Website Content

We help drive business value for your organization. For nearly 25 years, I-ology has passionately delivered digital transformation initiatives and built web-based digital products for our healthcare clients. We deliver this expertise in a boutique, personalized, no-nonsense approach that is the right fit and appropriate value for the mid-sized enterprise. The I-ology team is proudly HIPAA compliant and well-versed in this work.

Our digital experience and expertise rivals the nation’s largest co

Can Quantum Computing Break the Blockchain? | Article

Blockchain technology is one of the most important developments of the past half-century. This "open, distributed ledger" makes anonymous, peer-to-peer transactions possible--and it's the foundation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It's also being used for corporate recordkeeping, smart contracts, supply chain systems, video games, and distributed ledgers.

However, blockchain is only as good as its data protection. The technology has gained such a massive following because it is b

Drug Possession in Colorado | Legal Guide

Colorado is one of the most lenient states in America when it comes to prosecuting simple drug possession. 

Recent legislation makes it more difficult for local district attorneys to aggressively prosecute drug users with felonies and requires prosecutors to charge defendants with a misdemeanor when they are found in possession of “personal amounts” of controlled substances. 

If you have been arrested for drug possession in the State of Colorado, you can use this guide to understand the severity of your charges, navigate the criminal justice system, and secure proper representation.

Front Office Staff Reaps Benefits from Healthcare Digital Transformation | Article

One of the most important concepts in modern healthcare IT is the idea of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a key term used to describe the process of moving data, files, and office processes from physical paperwork to the computer. Before the digitization process, medical records were kept on paper, and files were manually written out and stored in file cabinets.

However, as a result of this transformation, nearly every administrative process performed in a doctor’s office tod

How the Role of Women in the Tech Industry Has Evolved | Article

Looking at the panoramic for women in tech, recent data still shows women in technology holding a minority of tech jobs with the figure recently sitting at a mere 25%. Furthermore, that minority of women are still receiving an average salary that’s lower than the ones their male coworkers are making.

‍There’s a clear gender parity in tech when it comes to hiring and recruitment.

The picture becomes even bleaker the higher we go up the chain of command, with only 28% of leadership roles being h

5 Proven Strategies to Reduce Churn in the Staff Augmentation Industry | Article

Companies that opt to work with staff augmentation services to reduce their permanent IT budget and launch key software development projects benefit from having a team of experienced software developers that bring their idea into reality.

Executives at these firms also appreciate the ability to utilize top-tier talent for their engineering needs without the additional expenses involved in technical recruiting--and without the wide array of benefits that full-time engineers expect.

One of the w

Nuclear Report Card | Long Form Report

For more than six decades, the international community has recognized the need to
control the spread and prevent the use of nuclear weapons, but has struggled to agree
on a common strategy.

In its first resolution, adopted in London in January 1946, the United Nations General Assembly embraced the goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons and other “weapons adaptable to mass destruction.” Later that year, the U.S. government produced the AchesonLilienthal report and Baruch Plan, and the Soviet Union offered its own Gromyko Plan, all ostensibly

How Do Developers Create Feature Film Special Effects Using Python | Article

The international film industry owes much of its success to the Python programming language. Engineers at major Hollywood studios use the language create special effects specific software, and to connect their entire development process.

Movie studios began using Python in the early 1990s because of increased special effects demands and a need for a more universal, easy-to-code language. As a result, Python software development is responsible for many of the most beloved films of the past decad

How To Increase The Quality Of Your Software Through Testing | Article

The most important trend in software development is a slow realization that quality assurance (QA) testing may be the most meaningful step that companies can take to ensure a successful software rollout.

That’s because QA testing allows businesses to identify frustrating errors, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and user problems well in advance of its release.

As a result, companies of all sizes are investing heavily in their QA efforts, whether by hiring these experts in-house or working with a

The Four Best Programming Languages for Blockchain | Article

Blockchain is rapidly becoming one of the most important technological advancements of the past several decades. This “open, distributed ledger” makes anonymous, peer-to-peer transactions between users possible and is the foundation of the cryptocurrency revolution.

The global Blockchain market is currently worth an estimated $1.2 billion and experts predict that it will reach a $57 billion valuation by 2025, growing at more than 69% per year.

Major corporations and venture capitalists are col
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