Writing & Thought Leadership

Early-stage startups and technology companies in emerging markets face a unique challenge: how to secure consumers in a greenfield market, rapidly scale sales and revenue, and meet lofty investor demands.

As a digital marketing & content strategist, I help startups and emerging technology companies create innovative, results-driven go-to-market and content marketing strategies. By creating a comprehensive strategy to bring new products to market, my clients are able to secure crucial early-stage sales, establish themselves as a respected industry leader, and obtain additional investment rounds at a high valuation.

Throughout my career, I've completed large-scale marketing projects and produced ghostwritten content for Google, Boston Consulting Group, Nutanix, Teradata, the Arms Control Association, McGraw Hill Publishers, Masthead Media, BairesDev, and many more. This includes bringing cutting-edge cybersecurity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), Software as a Service (SaaS), and quantum computing products to market.

My ghostwritten op-eds and articles can be found in major publications like Forbes, The Washington Post, Hacker Noon, DZone, IT Pro Portal, Tech Times, Tech Radar, Arms Control Today, and more.

"Marcus delivered perfect work! High quality, very responsive. I highly recommend him."